UVVM and MicroBlaze simulation


I am designing an UVVM testbench for which the DUT should include a MicroBlaze softcore processor.

First, is it possible? Do you have any guidelines on how to do so? I am using Modelsim.

Many thanks in advance,



You can simulate a testbench with any processor as long as you have a model for it, and doing this with UVVM is no problem.
We don’t have any guidelines for this, as the challenge here is more how you integrate the processor with a running program, rather than puttng it all into a UVVM testbench. Check the processor information for how to integrate it.
The challenge with this approach is the synchronization between the two masters here - the testbench in VHDL/UVVM and the SW of the microprocessor. Running these together is a good test case for trying out the FPGA/SW interface, but for most FPGA projects it is (in my opinion) a major advantage to run mosts tests without actual SW, but rather having a BFM or VVC to sort of emulate the commands from the microprocessor, as that will allow the complete testbench to be controlled from a single sequencer.

– Espen