Time out for uvvm cmd

I m trying to verify my DUT that contaning a I2C master and i use I2C_VCC as slave but i have this error
Can you help me
the error:

The test sequencer:

start_clock(CLOCK_GENERATOR_VVCT, 1, "Start clock generator");
log(ID_LOG_HDR, "Starting simulation of TB for counter using VVCs", C_SCOPE);
log("Wait 10 clock period for reset to be turned off");
wait for (10 * C_CLK_PERIOD); -- for reset to be turned off

I2C_SLAVE_TRANSMIT(I2C_VVCT,1, x"55", “sendind data frome vvc master to slave DUT”);
await_completion(I2C_VVCT,1, 1000 * C_CLK_PERIOD);

This seems that your not addressing the VVC.

Check the ID of the I2C_SLAVE VVC in your test harness.
From your code

I2C_SLAVE_TRANSMIT(I2C_VVCT,1 <=====================,....

I can only see that you are addressing VVC “1”, so make sure that in the th it is also “1”.
if it is a different number then a timeout will occur

thanks for your response, i re-check i make the good instance in Test harness end test sequencer,

I changed the VVC , i have the same problem,
Test harness

test sequencer

and the simulation is stopped in this procces in methods_pkg file

thanks very much

Use for all your VVC’s a unique number.

In the test harness I have them as generics

constant C_GPIO_ID_VVC = 1000;
constant C_CLK_ID_VVC = 2000;
constant C_I2C_ID_VVC = 3000;

I create the numbers in the TB:

constant C_GPIO_ID_VVC = 1;
constant C_CLK_ID_VVC = 2;
constant C_I2C_ID_VVC = 3;

And I pass them on to the test harness

i_th : work.testharness
generic map

And then use them in your functions

gpio_set(GPIO_VVCT, C_GPIO_ID_VVC ,....


i have always the same error, did i shoud set any other generic parameter in bfm_pkg?

the TH



i remark here that no problem for CLOCK_GENERATOR_VVCT but there is an error for GPIO_VVCT

TB when i set the constant

It’s Okay, i resolved the problem, i didn’t well declared the library

Ok, good to hear.
It is even better to declare the unique ID’s in a package and include that package in the TB and in the TH.