Questa Compilation Error for Ethernet Testbench

Hi I’m trying UVVM 2021-10-22 with questa 2021.3

I’m seeing a compilation error reported in the following file

** Fatal: (vsim-3714) At array depth 2, array lengths do not match. Left is 6 (7 downto 0). Right is (UNDEFINED) (UNCONSTRAINED ARRAY).

Time: 602 ns Iteration: 10 Process: /ethernet_sbi_gmii_demo_tb/i_test_harness/i2_ethernet_vvc/i_ethernet_rx/cmd_executor File: …/script/…/src/vvc_methods_pkg.vhd

This points to line 716 on vvc_methods_pkg.vhd

v_packet(8 to 13) := bridge_to_hvvc.data_words(0 to 5);

I’m just executing the compile_all_and_simulate. script from within the bitvis_vip_ethernet/script folder
Any suggestions ?

I have not tested with that version, but will download and have it a go. Do you have any other version you can test with?