UVVM v2 2021.05.26 is released

The release have the following changes:

  • Corrected message ID for check_value() methods in BFM packages.
  • Added MATCH_STD_INCL_Z to await_value() for SL and SLV.
  • Corrected timeout value parameter for await_completion() in Common VVC Methods QR.
  • Summary alert report and hierarchical alerts report updated to
    warn for minor alert mismatch.
  • Fixed crash in bitvis_vip_spec_cov run_spec_cov.py that could occure if a requirement
    and testcase were listed in combination multiple times.
  • Generic queue allow to insert to an empty queue with identifier position
    set to POSITION and position set to 1.
  • Insert_expected() to an empty Scoreboard using identifier_position=POSITION
    and identifier=1 is now allowed.
  • Fixed bug in check_counters that would cause the counter value to
    increase to quickly.
  • Added C_ENABLE_CHECK_COUNTER to adaptations_pkg, default set to True.
  • Fixed incorrect VIP name in AXI-Stream compile_bfm.do script.
  • Added Bitvis VIP Wishbone BETA to the main UVVM repository.
  • Added data_length to AXI-Stream VVC transaction info.
  • Fixed an issue with VVC name indexing in ti_protected_types_pkg priv_get_vvc_idx().
  • Added some missing deallocating of lines in in methods_pkg.
  • Fixed issue where calling the same VVC at the same time from different processes
    could lead to a timeout.


Hello Marius,

Where can I find this release?
If I look at UVVM/GETTING_STARTED.md at master · UVVM/UVVM · GitHub
it still says 2021.04.08 release


Hi Eric,

This is because the GETTING_STARTED.md has not had any changes since 2021.04.08 - if you only look at the release date of a single file you will only see the release date for when it had any changes. So pulling the repo will update your version to v2 2021.05.26.