Compilation error in the VVC commond methods after setting t_vvc_result as record

after defining the t_vvc_result as a record in the vvc_cmd_pkg, i got the following compilation error:

Compiling into bitvis_vip_avalon_mm: uvvm/uvvm_vvc_framework/src_target_dependent/td_vvc_framework_common_methods_pkg.vhd failed
=== Command output: ===
** Error: …/uvvm/uvvm_vvc_framework/src_target_dependent/td_vvc_framework_common_methods_pkg.vhd(822): (vcom-1600) No feasible entries for subprogram “to_string”.
** Error: …/uvvm/uvvm_vvc_framework/src_target_dependent/td_vvc_framework_common_methods_pkg.vhd(849): (vcom-1590) Bad expression in left operand of infix expression ‘&’.
** Error: …/uvvm/uvvm_vvc_framework/src_target_dependent/td_vvc_framework_common_methods_pkg.vhd(849): (vcom-1600) No feasible entries for subprogram “log”.

I though the log procedure in the fetch_result procedure supports printing the result wether a vector or a record…did i miss something ??


The t_vvc_result is a subtype of std_logic_vector, and the to_string() functions defined in uvvm_util/string_methods_pkg support several types, but not t_vvc_result as a record, meaning that the simulator does not find a matching function for your type.