Copy n Paste error in VVC Framework Manual

Hello @all!

i am new to uvvvm and at the moment i am reading a lot of your documentation to get more knowledge
and spi vvc up and running.

Hoping this is the right place and its ok for you to get simple feedback like this in here:

VVC Framework Manual rev A5 page 15/26

1. SBI_VVCT, 1                             Instance number 1 of SBI_VVC
2. UART_VVCT, 4, TX                    **Instance number 1 of SBI_VVC** UART_VVC

From my point of view the text for example 2. is copy n paste one from 1.
or did i get it wrong?

I Would expect Instance number 4 of UART_VVC, TX Channel

Kind regards
Kai Hennigs

Hi Kai,
Yes, that looks lika a copy and paste error. We are going to rewrite the VVC FW manual because it is missing some new features, but it is OK for you to read as the general concept etc are still valid.