VVC generated file version-information request


With the vvc_generator.py you can generate VVC components.
When generated, is there version information available as constants in the generated files?
If not, can these be added?
I would like to know

  • the version of the UVVM framework used for generating this VVC.
  • the version of the python VVC_Generator

As VVC as reused in other projects there is a possibility that they are generated in older versions of UVVM frameworks.This might cause problems. If version information is stored in the VVC, it can be retrieved in the testbench and a warning might be given of VVC generated by older UVVM library versions.

The same applies for the generator. Although this doesn’t give an error in the testbench it might give information what might have changed in the generator itself.


Hi Erick,
The vvc_generator.py generated files does not contain any information of which UVVM release that was used. We will add this in a future release so that the VVC can warn if it is run in a UVVM environment older than the version it was generated with. There will also be possible to disable this checking and also to use this feature inside testbench sequencer etc.