SPI BFM error run time in sample code

Hi everyone,

I’m working with SPI BFM on GHDL and I had a run time error with the UVVM_SUPLEMETARY sample code (spi_vvc_tb.vhd):

UVVM-master/bitvis_vip_scoreboard/src/generic_sb_pkg.vhd:546:14:error: type of variable “vr_sb_queue” referenced before its elaboration
variable vr_sb_queue : sb_queue_pkg.t_generic_queue;

Compilation in GHDL:

ghdl -a --work=bitvis_vip_spi --std=08 -frelaxed -fsynopsys spi_common_pkg.vhd
ghdl -a --work=bitvis_vip_spi --std=08 -frelaxed -fsynopsys spi_master.vhd
ghdl -a --work=bitvis_vip_spi --std=08 -frelaxed -fsynopsys spi_slave.vhd
ghdl -a --work=bitvis_vip_spi --std=08 -frelaxed -fsynopsys spi_pif.vhd
ghdl -a --work=bitvis_vip_spi --std=08 -frelaxed -fsynopsys spi_vvc_tb.vhd
ghdl -e --work=bitvis_vip_spi --std=08 -frelaxed -fsynopsys spi_vvc_tb
ghdl -r --work=bitvis_vip_spi --std=08 -frelaxed -fsynopsys spi_vvc_tb --vcd=GTK_spi_vvc_tb.vcd

It seems that the error comes from line 126 of the vvc_methods_pkg.vhd file.

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We have made a fix that will be released soon.
You can move the declaration of the scoreboard package from vvc_methods_pkg.vhd to transaction_pkg.vhd and you should be able to run.

UVVM team

I’ve got the same bug on Ethernet examples from bitvis_vip_ethernet, I suppose the same solution can be applied do you ??

Yes, I belive you will have to make the same changes.