New UVVM functionality: Detection of unexpected interface activity

One of the first improvements to come out of the new ESA UVVM project is detection of unexpected activity on a DUT interface. UVVM has provided open source BFMs (Bus Functional Models) and VVCs (VHDL Verification Components) for lots of interfaces - like AXI, AXI-stream, AXI-light, SPI, UART, SBI, Ethernet, GMII, GPIO, Avalon MM, Avalon stream, etc. - for a long time. These have provided excellent access mechanisms for transaction modelling, but also various support for protocol checking. Normal BFMs and VVCs have the limitation though, that they only initiate a transaction or wait for one to occurr. They do not check whether the DUT is only transmitting data when expected.

UVVM now introduces detection of any unwanted or unexpected transactions from the DUT. In fact, UVVM will now detect any unwanted or unexpected activity on a given interface. This new checker may of course be turned on and off from the test sequencer.

We expect this new functionality to be published in June.