VIP wrapper or new custom VIP

I am a new UVVM user and would like some advice.
I want to develop a custom VIP with multiple interfaces (an SPI and an SBI) and some interaction between the two interfaces.
The first idea was to write a wrapper that includes the Bitvis VIP SPI and the Bitvis VIP SBI and write some procedure that manages the interaction between the two interfaces.
Is this a good idea or maybe if I use a wrapper the ti_uvvm_engine will not be able to communicate with the two Bitvis VIPs?

In general, I think that the question is:
what is the best method to develop a VIP of a complex device (like a programmable ADC) using the UVVM library?


Hi Emanuele.

Have you tried the VVC generator Python script?
(UVVM/uvvm_vvc_framework/script/vvc_generator at master · UVVM/UVVM · GitHub)
You can use this to write your own VVC.

Best regards,