UVVM v2 v2020.12.08 released

A new release of UVVM has just been published:

  • Improved to_string functions for slv, signed and unsigned when printing long decimal values.
  • Added how to start demo testbench from within Modelsim to testbench_guide PDF in Bitvis UART VIP.
  • Added max_receptions default value to uart_bfm_quickref.pdf.
  • Added C_SPI_VVC_DATA_ARRAY_WIDTH to adaptation_pkg.
  • Removed “addr” parameter from axistream_receive VVC method call in quick reference.
  • Removed unused constant C_USE_LOCAL_OSVVM_MSG_ID_PANELS from adaptations_pkg.
  • Removed xConstrRandFuncCov folder and content.
  • Moved C_HIERARCHY_NODE_NAME_LENGTH from types_pkg to adaptations_pkg.
  • Added Bitvis VIP Spec Cov to component_list.txt for compile_all.do script.
  • Fixed to_string(integer) function using a negative value.
  • Fixed random time function by using the simulator base time unit instead of ns.
  • Fixed random function overflowing with maximum values in min/max range.
  • Fixed Axistream C_MULTIPLE_RANDOM for valid & ready low not working.
  • Added Axistream BFM configurations to control the probability of multiple random tvalid/tready low cycles
    and the maximum random duration of tvalid/tready low deassertion.
  • Fixed bug in to_string functions for t_slv_array, t_unsigned_array and t_signed_array that
    caused a failure when using wide words.

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