Number of passed checks in alert counter?

Why does the report_alert_counters(…) function only report WARNINGS, ERROS, etc. but not how many checks that passed? I would really like a column PASSED in the summary matrix. Can it be enabled?

Often it is valuable information to know how many checks passed. This works as a sanity check to ensure that the test bench is actually running checks.

Hi, the main reason this has not ben implemented is that in most cases the number of checks using procedures like check_value and similar is in no way an indication of verification quality. To examplify, one could have an assertion process checking a given condition every clock cycle, and then then number of checks would be huge. Similarly a single procedure call for a BFM procedure like sbi_check() could have multiple check_value internally.
However, I guess there could be scenarios where this information could be useful, so we will most probably add this to a release early in April.

We have added this feature in release v2 2020.03.30: call report_check_counters(VOID); from testbench sequencer and you get a summary in transcript.


Great work! Thanks! I will check it out as soon as I can.