Is there a feature for test case numbering?


Is there a feature to automatically maintain and if needed increment a hierarchical test case ID? I was thinking along something like a counter for each header type (normal, large, XL) that you can convert into a string and prefix to log messages or the heading log message itself when needed, to add more structure and possibly reference to a test plan.

Instead of a hiearchical (3.1.4) style, maybe a simple integer would be sufficient as well.

The main issue for me seems to be how to tie it into UVVM as seamlessly as possible without too many custom functions and without losing compatibility to the original log function.

Is this idea new or am I late to the party?

Best regards,

There is no such mechanism at the moment, but maybe a better approach could be to label each test as would for instance be needed for mission critical or safety applications. If so - youi could use the Specification Coverage feature. There you label all requirements (or tests if you prefer that) and then tick it off as the required test is executed. This also allows you to easily check that all requirements (or tests) have been executed, and you can even generate a “requirement vs test case” matrix (or vice versa): Would this satisfy your needs?
– Espen

Hi Espen and thanks for your response!
I haven’t looked at Specification Coverage yet, so I will check this out as soon as I can (not sure how soon this will be though) and maybe this can very well deliver what I was asking for (depending on the way reporting is done in detail).
Thanks for the pointer!