Documentation needs update


I’m using UVVM 20200623 release.
In the folder …\uvvm_vvc_framework\doc
is the file VVC_Framework_Documentation_Overview.txt.

It states:

UVVM general introduction and user information

At this stage given via PowerPoint presentations - as we intend to release videos in the future
This documentation is basically split into the following parts:

  1. The_critically_missing_VHDL_TB_feature.ppsx
  2. VVC_Framework_Manual.pdf
  3. VVC_Implementation_Guide.pdf
  4. Common_VVC_Methods.pdf
  5. UVVM_Common_Methods_And_Mechanisms.pdf

These documents are located in this directory.

  1. The fifth file however is not located here.
  2. There are three other files which are not mentioned in the txt file.
  • UVVM_VVC_Framework_Essential_Mechanisms.pdf
  • UVVM_Generic_Queue_QuickRef.pdf
  • UVVM_FIFO_Collection_QuickRef.pdf

I assume that the txt-file needs an update


Hi Erick.
Thank you, I will create a ticket so we will have this updated in the next release.

Best regards,

Hi, an update regarding this topic:
We’ve decided to remove this file from future releases.