Clock jitter or uncertainty


Is it possible to add jitter or uncertainity to a clock generator VVC?
Say you have a clock of 10 MHz.
Can you specify that it can be between 9.85 MHz and 10.3 MHz for example?
And add a random factor to it?
Or a sweep?


Hi Eric,

There is no direct support for that today-
A pretty good workaround could be use the set_clock_period command at regular intervals with different periods for sweep, random or whatever. You could actually do that from a dedicated self made prosess, as it is allowed to send commands to the VVC from any number of different processes.
For the jitter you could use the jitter functionality within bitvis_vip_error_injection and connect that to the output of the clock generator.
Alternatively extend the functionality of the existing clock generator and provide a pull request :slight_smile:

– Espen