GPIO feature request: set_stable_after() cmd


Could there be an GPIO command added that complements the check_stable command?
I’m looking for a set_stable_after(…) cmd.

For example:

  • GPIO configured as output
  • one bit in this example.
  • This one should start at START_LEVEL, for example ‘0’.
  • This one should toggle, in RANDOMIZE mode, for DURATION_TIME, for example 10 ms
  • (RANDOMIZE might be specified more preciously, more parameters)
  • This one should end at END_LEVEL, for example ‘0’ again,

With this I would like to simulate signals that are unstable in the beginning and stable after DURATION_TIME.

If this already can be done with the current version, I would like to know how.


Hi Eric,
I do not belive the GPIO VVC/BFM has settings for this, but maybe you could be using the Error Injection VIP? This VIP is “connected” on the line(s) between the VVC and the DUT and is capable of creating pulses, delays, jittering, inverting and making the signal stuck.


Never used the Error Injection VIP before. Was not aware of it. I will give that one a try.
Thanks again!