Issue with disabling logs for specific scope


I am trying to disable ID_POS_ACK for one of the defined scopes, but the function disables all ID_POS_ACK logs.

  constant GEN_SCOPE   : string := "Generator";
  constant CHECK_SCOPE : string := "Checker";


  test_ctrl_p : process

    disable_log_msg(ID_POS_ACK, QUIET, CHECK_SCOPE);

Is there something wrong with command syntax?

Best Regards,

IDs can be enabled or disabled per VVC or as in your case for the complete system excluding the VVCs. If you are using VVCs this is simple to set up using the command available in Common VVC methods under UVVM VVC framework. If you are not using VVCs you can add a message ID panel to a process and use the extended enable/disable commands with the name of the local message ID panel.
– Espen