How to exceed queue limit of 1000 elements?

I’m trying to change the queue limit cap of 1000 elements because I need to put 1024 elements in queue. Is it even possible to do or there is some kind of maximum cap of 1000 elements ? I’m trying to use set_queue_count_max and queue_count_alert_level procedure in testbench but it seems to not work properly (it doesnt change the value at all).

I assume you are referring to the generic queue - and that you are using this stand-alone, since you don’t mention any VVC?
Did you set the generic GC_QUEUE_COUNT_MAX? (see documentation)
Could you please include all the setup-related commands (including generics) you are using towards the queue?
– Espen

No I’m not using it as stand-alone in testbench I’m invoking uvvm_util, uvvm_vvc_framework, bitvis_vip_clock_generator, bitvis_vip_spi libraries .
I didnt set up GC_QUEUE_COUNT_MAX in any way, I assumed I can change it by invoking the related procedure, I even tried to change the value manualy in ti_generic_queue_pkg.vhd but it doesnt seem to work that way. I’m kind of fresh to using UVVM so things are somethimes still little bit confusing to me.

Not sure if I understand what you are doing in your testbench. Are you trying to send 1024 SPI transmit commands to the VVC? If so, have you tried to increase the generics on the VVC entity for the queue sizes?